Meal Planning and Homeschool Tracking with RocketBook

I love planners. I love buying them, starting to fill them out then forgetting about them until 3 months later when everything is crazy.

One thing I love when I do it, but can’t find a method to stick with is meal planning. This not only removes the hassle of dinner time, but it cuts my grocery spending since I only buy what I need.

So, I got a rocketbook originally planned for my daughters, but once I saw how it works I ‘borrowed’ it to meal plan. For me, grocery lists, meal plans are still easiest to hand write BUT, I usually end of taking pictures of them to bring to the store. The rocketbook is like a dry erase board, but each page contains a QR code, so once it is picked up it scans into the app and you have a perfect copy of whatever you have written.  Here is an example of a weekly meal plan scanned from Rocketbook.


The reason I wanted it for my kids was to track their writing more effectively. Because right now, it usually gets lots in the amas of papers that seem to be around.  Since we do ‘free writing Fridays’ which the name is taken from Brave Writer but we have developed our own methods. I plan on the girls using these books so I can scan and keep it on file to watch the progress, month to month, year to year, whatever!

So far, they are just drawing pictures in it. Which is also awesome because normally their drawings live on the fridge for a week or two then get recycled. Now they will live on forever digitally.

This is the ONLY thing I have purchased this year for homeschooling! Click here to see what else we are using this homeschool year!


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